Go to Paiyun Mountaineering Center on the day of the hike to check-in

Modifiers Date:2022-11-01   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

All groups entering via Tataka Trailhead are required to have the park permit and passports checked at Paiyun Mountaineering Center (No.151, Taiping Lane, Tongfu Village, Sinyi Township, Nantou County, next to Tataka Squad) to provide an accurate number of visitors entering the restricted area of Yushan National Park. Without doing so, the applicant will be marked as absent and the future applications in 6 months will be refused due to the violations of Rule 1 of Article 17 of the “Regulations of Park Permit Applications for Entering the Ecological Restricted Area of Yushan National Park.”

To make the process more efficient and to reduce the use of paper, all groups are kindly requested to
1. Download the park permit and save it to your digital device (mobile, tablet, etc.) in advance via “HOME >> Online Application >> Check Status/Print Permit/Apply for Mountain Permit
2. Bring your passports with you for the verification (local visitors should bring the ID card).
3. Go to Paiyun Mountaineering Center on the day of the hike to check-in (Open Hours: 06:30~16:30):
(1) By check-in staff: available 06:30~12:00 (please avoid starting the hike in the afternoon). Please follow the instructions of the staff to check-in.
(2) Self-check-in: available before 06:30 and for Taiwanese visitors only. Please have your ID card scanned in front of the scanner when the screen shows “Welcome.”
4. Check-in before the hiking date is not accepted.
5. Foreign visitors and Taiwanese visitors who bring other ID document are requested to check in with the staff.
6. Visitors without a valid ID document are not allowed to enter the restricted area of the park. If the visitor has already entered the restricted area, the staff has the right to ask this person in question to leave the restricted area of the park.