Mabolasi Hiking Route

Due to the sliding phenomenon of Guangao area, it is not allowed to stay overnight at Guangao Mountaineering Station and Guangao campsite.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1Dongpu (5.5k) → Lele Cabin (8.8k)

Day 2Lele Cabin (2.8k) → Batongguan (4.5k) → Batongguan Mountain (1.5k) → Banaiyike (2.5k) → Jhongyang Mine Cabin (3.3k) → Baiyang Mine Cabin

Day 3Baiyang Mine (2.5k) → Siouguluan Mountain (2k) → Siouma Saddle (1.5k) → Mabolasi Cabin

Day 4Mabolasi Cabin (12K) → Jyupen Mountain (12k) → Mabolasi Cabin

Day 5Mabolasi Cabin (0.3k) → Mabolasih Mountain (3.5k) → Maliyawenlu Mountain (3.8k) → Malijianan Mountain (2.7k) → Malijianan Cabin

Day 6Malijianan Cabin (0.2k) → Malijianan East Peak (5.6k) → Mabugu Cabin

Day 7Mabugu Cabin (2.5k) → Masi Mountain (4.7k) → Kesipanan Mountain (1.5k) → Taipinggu (2k) → Yuli Forest Path

Day 8Yuli Forest Path (25k) → Yulin Bridge (15k) → Jhongping Village (20k) → Yuli