Batonggau Hiking Route

Due to the sliding phenomenon of Guangao area, it is not allowed to stay overnight at Guangao Mountaineering Station and Guangao campsite.

Suggested Itinerary

Nanan – Walami trail suggested itinerary
One Day: Nan-an-Walami Trail itinerary (subject to time and choice of itinerary)

* itinerary 1 (entire trip lasts approx. 3 hours)Trail Head (0.65K) → Shanfeng (0.25K) → Shanfeng No. 1 Bridge (0.8K) → Shanfeng Waterfall → return

Itinerary 2 (entire trip lasts approx. 8 hours)Trail Head (1.7K) → Shanfeng Waterfall (3.2K) → Jiasin (4.9K) → Huangma No. 1 Bridge → return

Two Days:

Day 1Yuli (approx. 15 min. by car) → Nanan (apprx. 15 min. by car) → Trail Head (approx. 40 min. by foot) → Shanfeng (approx. 5 hours by foot) → Walami Cabin (for lodging)

Day2Walami Cabin (approx. 3.5 hours by foot) → Shanfeng (approx. 40 min. by foot) → Trail Head (approx. 15 min. by car) → Nanan (approx. 15 min. by car) → Yuli

Japanese Occupation Era Batongguan Traversing Trail Suggested Itinerary(From Dongpu Trail Head crossing Central Mountain Range to Shanfeng Trail Head)

Day 1Dongpu (5.5k) → Lele Cabin (8.8k)

Day 2Lele Cabin (11.6K) → Batongguan (2K) → Batongguan Mountain Hiking Entrance (2K) → Batongguan Mountain (2K) → Batongguan Mountain Hiking Entrance (2.4K) → Jhongyang Mine Cabin

Day 3 Jhongyang Mine Cabin (3.7K) →Dujyuan Camp (4K) → Nan Camp (2.1 K) → Dashueiku Cabin

Day 4Dashueiku Cabin (3.7K) → Miyasang (5.6K) → Tuomasih Camp

Day 5Tuomasih Camp (3.6K) → Yisila (9.1K) → Dafen Cabin

Day 6Dafen Cabin (4.6K) → Duomeli (5.9K) → Baoai Cabin

Day 7Baoai Cabin (14.3K) → Walami Cabin

Day 8Walami Cabin (4.2K) → Huangma (4.9K) → Jiasin (4.9K) → Shanfeng (6K) → Nanan Visitor Center