Shei Pa Campgrounds and Bed Availability

Cabin & Campground Non-Holiday Holiday Notes
Beds Tents Beds Tents
Qika Cabin 106 0 106 0 Qika Hut will be closed because of renovation from Jun 8 to Oct 31 in 2020.
Qika Campground 0 30 0 30 Qika Campground will be closed because of renovation from Jun 8 to Oct 31 in 2020.
Saliujiu Cabin 106 0 106 0
Cuei Pond Hut 12 0 12 0
Cuei Pond Campground 0 20 0 20
Taoshan Hut 19 0 19 0
Taoshan Campground 0 8 0 8
Sancha Campground 0 18 0 18 About 3,200 meters above sea level, Sancha Campground divides the mountain trail into two directions. The right one (northeast) heads toward Tao and Kalahei Mountains, while the left one (northwest) toward Xinda Hut. There is no water source here.
Xinda Hut 34 0 34 0
Xinda Campground 0 20 0 20
Campground of Madala Creek Trailhead 0 30 0 30 About 1,750 meters high, campground is stationed here.
Jiujiu Cabin 150 0 150 0 Jiujiu Hut (99 Hut)is the significant base for mounting Daba Peaks, ca. 2,700-meter-high. Those who are approved to stay at Jiujiu Hut may present their Park entry permit to pay the fee at Jiujiu Hut. For more details on payment, please call tel. No. 037-272917. Jiujiu Hut charges a cleaning fee of NT$200 per person per night. There is no meal service in Jiujiu Hut. And please bring sleeping bags and mattresses.
Jhongba Hut 12 0 12 0 without water
Sailiangjiou Campground 0 12 0 12
Piaodan Campground 0 28 0 28
former site of Xue Mountain Cabin 0 18 0 18
Youpolan Campground 0 40 0 40 Lying in the concave valley of the north edge on the summit of Youpolan Mountain, this campground is an important site to stay overnight in Syuejian Ridge, 350 meters away from the peak. To get water, walk from the campground toward Dajian Mountain, along the saddle between Jiannanjian and Dajian Mountains, follow the sign to the creek on the northwest.
Wanmeigu Campground 0 18 0 18 There are several campgrounds on the way from Dajian Mountain, across Southwest Peak of Xue Mountain, and to Wanmei Valley. Among them, Wanmei Valley Campground is the most comfortable with good views. In the rainy season, the concave valley on grasslands is full of water, like an earthly paradise.
17K Campground 0 24 0 24 Water trickles in the creek near the campground.
26K Campground 0 24 0 24 Lying in front of Trailhead of JhongXue Mountain. Water trickles in the creek next to the trailhead.
28K Campground 0 24 0 24 It needs to go forward to get water in the creek next to the trailhead.
Pipida Mountain Dongan Campground 0 24 0 24
Qijun Mountain Campground 0 24 0 24
Gongshuei Campground 0 8 0 8 Situated at the south slope of Gongshuei Mountain, this campground is a little small, only for 2 tents of 4-person-capacity. Water is in Gongshuei Pool next to the trail.
Sian Campground of Danan Mountain 0 24 0 24 Located at the lowest saddle between Gongshuei and Danan Mountains, this campground is clipped by two mountains on both sides, thus taking shelter from the wind. It takes about 30 minutes to get water in the creek near Trailhead of Danan Mountain and back.
Huoshihshansia Campground 0 12 0 12 Lying below the trailhead of Huoshih Mountain, this campground is hidden in the cove, with water running in the creek at one side. Here is a perfect shelter for emergency.
Syuebei Hut 25 0 25 0
Sumida Hut 24 0 24 0
Banan Hut 15 0 15 0
Mayang Mountain Campground 0 30 0 30
Mayang Pond Campground 0 30 0 30 A grassland located between Nanmayang Mountain and Jhongba ground. Water can be get from Mayang Pond which is 60 meters away, and it needs to be filtered. But during the dry season(from October to April), you should bring water by yourself.
Cirque campground 0 30 0 30 January 3, 2022 to March 31, 2022 (during this period, please check the public announcements, which will be updated based on current weather conditions in the mountains, to see if snow equipment and clothing are needed). A. Location: Mt. Xue Glacial Cirque 【Latitude and longitude on coordinate values: North latitude: 24.387236, East longitude: 121.237113】 1.Elevation: 3,640 meters. 2.The mileage sign is approximately on 10K. On the snow season, the direction sign is on 55 number place. 3.Campsite is only open for 30 people for each time. B. Campground Opening Criteria (you must cancel your application stay at Saliujiu Hut if these criteria are not met): 1.Snowfall at the Mt. Xue Glacial Cirque is more than 30 cm. 2.All training members must be taking their trash and excrement with them when they are leave. 3.Limited to 30 people per day (including regular training groups and special project groups).