Yushan Draw Results

The draw result of Yushan Trails Day Hike (Tataka - Yushan Trails -Tataka ).May 23, 2021

The number of applicants registered for the draw (including postal application): 408 [104 teams]
The number of applicants:60 [17 teams]
List of teams is shown below:
TeamName:賴*登山自組隊   Team Leader:田*中   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:抽*我就告白   Team Leader:蕭*華   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:金*勇者   Team Leader:張*睿   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:跟*別人   Team Leader:古*文   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:N*nana   Team Leader:陳*萱   A total of4person(s)
TeamName:中*登山隊5/23   Team Leader:廖*呈   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:0*23玉山單攻對不對   Team Leader:林*彪   A total of9person(s)
TeamName:自*勇腳童   Team Leader:童*鈞   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:菜*   Team Leader:蔡*仰   A total of11person(s)
TeamName:沒*心啦!   Team Leader:胡*斌   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:艾*阿福   Team Leader:陳*萍   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:西*一日單攻去   Team Leader:陳*宇   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:0*23中一中玉山學C隊   Team Leader:蕭*丹   A total of11person(s)
TeamName:元*菁英隊   Team Leader:陳*璇   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:雨*上山祈雨   Team Leader:彭*信   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:邦*邦邦邦   Team Leader:李*邦   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:玉*單走走隊98   Team Leader:陳*懋   A total of1person(s)

* It’s required to apply a mountain entry permit as well to go into mountain control area according to National Security Law. Learn more details: http://mountain.ysnp.gov.tw/english/CP_how.aspx. Apply to National Police Agency (+886-223-577-377, http://eli.npa.gov.tw/E7WebO/index02.jsp), Yushan National Park Police Corps (+886-492-775-110), or local police station close to trail entrance.