Yushan Draw Results

The draw result of Paiyun Lodge.May 22, 2021

The number of applicants registered for the draw (including postal application): 5643 [1052 teams]
The number of applicants that get beds or camping space:116 [28 teams]
Bed: 116; Camping space:0List of teams is shown below:
TeamName:二*打醬油戰隊   Team Leader:王*印   A total of5person(s)
TeamName:1*124142142132442141   Team Leader:方*展   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:我*了   Team Leader:陳*凱   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:0*22至23日玉主賴小姐   Team Leader:賴*芝   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:說*就走玉山gogo   Team Leader:張*維   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:太*麻寮隊   Team Leader:吳*軒   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:玉*全能小隊   Team Leader:甘*安   A total of8person(s)
TeamName:S*otify iiii   Team Leader:梁*文   A total of7person(s)
TeamName:你*不要吃哈密瓜10   Team Leader:羅*晨   A total of3person(s)
TeamName:2*安坑父子隊   Team Leader:陳*來   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:H*N522   Team Leader:謝*男   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:山*眷顧的孩子,重新抽籤囉   Team Leader:王*羽   A total of6person(s)
TeamName:哈*小小隊0522   Team Leader:林*岑   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:哈*朝聖練習曲522   Team Leader:沈*治   A total of5person(s)
TeamName:就*要衝一波   Team Leader:王*哲   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:佑*想爬玉山   Team Leader:黃*菁   A total of4person(s)
TeamName:陳*鴻1100522   Team Leader:楊*玹   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:玉*主峰假日3-2   Team Leader:潘*宏   A total of9person(s)
TeamName:G* 爬玉山不需理由團 5.22   Team Leader:張*宏   A total of9person(s)
TeamName:玉*到手 希望無窮   Team Leader:魏*逸   A total of6person(s)
TeamName:玉*散步去走   Team Leader:郭*汾   A total of12person(s)
TeamName:雯*522   Team Leader:李*雯   A total of1person(s)
TeamName:今*有酒今朝醉   Team Leader:石*倫   A total of5person(s)
TeamName:金*羊1隊   Team Leader:金*華   A total of2person(s)
TeamName:品*一課妹丫   Team Leader:陳*群   A total of5person(s)
TeamName:Y*1100522   Team Leader:黃*政   A total of4person(s)
TeamName:動*解放7   Team Leader:林*妤   A total of4person(s)
TeamName:玉*主北峰行2021gogo   Team Leader:李*倩   A total of2person(s)
Wait list:
1.Team Name:星*(股)樂活社玉山有夠難中籤隊   Team Leader:葉*元   A total of12person(s)
2.Team Name:快*登山七人行   Team Leader:蕭*熙   A total of7person(s)
3.Team Name:基*小慧登山隊522   Team Leader:吳*達   A total of7person(s)

* It’s required to apply a mountain entry permit as well to go into mountain control area according to National Security Law. Learn more details: http://mountain.ysnp.gov.tw/english/CP_how.aspx. Apply to National Police Agency (+886-223-577-377, http://eli.npa.gov.tw/E7WebO/index02.jsp), Yushan National Park Police Corps (+886-492-775-110), or local police station close to trail entrance.

* Catering and Sleeping Bag Rental Service at Paiyun Lodge: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/news_4main.aspx?ID=1137

* Every campsite has its daily maximum capacity. If the draw result says “Being on A Waiting List,” the teams will have the priority to get the bed/camping spaces once the team having bed/camping spaces cancel their application. The team being on a waiting list can register application for other days and wait for vacancies. When the vacancies are less than the number of applicants on waiting list, the team can choose to cut down the number of applicants or cancel this application. 

※Please visit “Home >> Trails, Campgrounds and Bed Availability >> Yushan Cabin and Campground Availability” to learn more information and regulations of campgrounds.