Yushan Cabin and Campground Availability

Application Status Description:

  1. Vacancy: Available slots left.
  2. Lining up (Waiting list): After the lottery, groups on the “Waiting list” have priority to fill vacancies. For “Lining up” groups, those who have completed all required information will be assigned a queuing number. For groups without a given number, please check if the information is correct and complete. For routes which visitors are encouraged to purchase a hiking insurance, if there’s no vacancy for applicants willing to purchase hiking insurance, we will assign a queuing number. After the lottery for the campsites of the same day, we will assign the queuing number in chronological order for groups with and without hiking insurance.
  3. Under review:Your slot has been reserved. Including “Bed/Tent assigned”, “Passed 1st-Stage Verification”, “Additional Documents Required”, ”waiting for Payment”, “Passed 2nd-Stage Verification”.
  4. Approved:Your application has been approved. The Park Permit will be released to print 5 days before the entry date.
  5. Foreign Advanced Application:number of applicants submitting the Advanced Application (Foreigners + Taiwanese). 24 spaces at Paiyun Lodge reserved for foreigners from Sunday to Thursday, excluding public holidays in Taiwan.
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    Banaiyike Campground

    ◎Elevation: 2820m
    ◎The campground lies on the mid-slope of Banaiyike where there is a disused hut.
    ◎Water can be gathered at a gully nearby.
    ◎Please bring tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag when staying at the campground.
    ◎TWD97 Position:東經121°01'00",北緯23°29'17"
    ◎TWD97TM2: X Coordinate-251693,Y Coordinate-259819