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Trial run for exemption of proof of mountaineering experience and ability for different grades of mountain hiking routes in Shei-Pa National Park Conservation Areas, and adjustment in the calculation of cabin and campground beginning January 3rd, 2019

Announcement Date:2018-11-30 Released By:Shei-pa National Park Headquarters

[Trial run for exemption of proof of experience and ability for different grades of mountain hiking routes]

From January 3rd, 2019 onwards, proof of mountaineering experience and ability (such as picture taken at the summit or a Park entry permit) is not required for entering Shei-Pa National Park Conservation Areas. However, applicants and leaders are still required to cautiously review the group composition, physical strength, experience and health condition when planning the mountaineering route according to the “Application Regulations of Entry Permit for Different Grades of Mountain Hiking Routes in the Shei-Pa National Park Ecological Protection Area”, and be equipped with the requisite climbing and snowfield equipment (such as helmet, rope, etc.) as per the route requirements.

[Trial run for cabin and campground calculation adjustment]

To ensure cabins and campgrounds can be effectively utilized, the campground calculation method will be based on the number of people from January 3rd, 2019 onwards. The adjusted number of eligible applicants for each campground is as per the table attached.

[Campground vacancy-filling system]

Groups applying for Park entry on or after January 3rd, 2019, when applying for Qika Campground, Cuei Pond Campground, Taoshan Campground or Xinda Campground, may select to stay at the huts near the above campgrounds when there are no groups on the waiting list. The vacancy-filling system will be available up till 2 days before entering the Park. For example, if the date of entry is November 23rd, the last vacancy filling will be November 21st, 23:00. If the vacancy filling is successful, please re-print the Park entry permit before entering the park.


For groups applying for Park entry after January 3rd, 2019 (inclusive), please select “XX route (entry application after January 3rd, 2019)”; for example, “(Grade A) Xue Mountain Trail (multi-day trip) (entry application after January 3rd, 2019)”. For Park entry application before January 3rd, the original route remains. However, for campground after January 3rd (inclusive), please select “XX Campground (after January 3rd, 2019)”; for example, “Qika Campground (after January 3rd, 2019)”. Please refer to the illustration for details.