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In order to cooperate with traffic control during Wuling Farm’s Cherry Blossom Season (Feb 12~ Mar 1)

Announcement Date:2020-12-10 ~2021-03-01 Released By:Shei-pa National Park Headquarters

1. Vehicle pass permit will not be issued for the groups of single-day itineraries passing through Wuling Farm.

2. For applications of mountain climbing itinerary in the Park, when the Park entry permit is obtained, mountain climbers shall comply with the control of high vehicle occupancy and obtain the vehicle pass permit issued by Wuling Farm before being allowed to enter the Park.

3. Applications for vehicle pass permit: After obtaining the Park entry permit and meeting the abovementioned criteria, the team’s general leader shall download the blank form for the vehicle pass permit in the name of the team on the Park entry system, fill out the form and complete the vehicle pass permit application procedure by filing the application (attaching the park entry permit) via email to or fax to Wuling Station at 04-25901310 five days prior to the Park entry. Wuling Station will apply for the pass permit for the applicant in question and send it via email (in PDF file) or fax it to the applicant two days before Park entry.