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Yushan National Park/Paiyun Lodge Snow Updates

Announcement Date:2021-12-27 ~2022-04-05 Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

There's snow on the path above Paiyun Lodge. Visitors need to bring the gear for hiking in the snow and be cautious when hiking on the icy trail.


Photos –Jan. 18: It snows on Mt. Jade North Peak. Visitors need to bring crampons and be cautious when hiking on the icy trail (by YSNP & Yushan Weather Station)


  1. The temperature of Paiyun Lodge at 7:30 on January 18 was 2°C with heavy fog. The temperature of Mt. Jade North Peak was 0.9°C. It started to snow and rain from 5:10 till 6: 30, with around 1 cm of snow. There’s still snow and ice on the path above Paiyun Lodge. Visitors need to bring the gear for hiking in the snow and be cautious when hiking on the icy trail.
  2. There are risks of slipping/falling from a cliff, getting lost in the snow, experiencing high altitude illnesses, hypothermia, etc. to hike in the snow. Groups entering the park during this season are kindly asked to prepare all necessary gear (especially helmets, ice axes, and crampons). It is essential to assess all the risks, have protection to keep you warm and have solid skills for dealing with a snowy, icy or slippery trail. We would like to remind you that safety comes first. For those who don’t have enough equipment or experience hiking in the snow, or don’t know how to properly use the equipment, it is strongly discouraged to go to the summit when there’s snow/ice. The staff will provide visitors with further information, instructions, and reminders at the trailhead and Paiyun Lodge.


  1. Yushan Trail is usually an intermediate trail (level 3-4), yet it is much more difficult and dangerous to trek when there’s snow/ice (level 6). It is absolutely not suitable for purely sightseeing/road trips without adequate hiking experience in the snow since there are risks of falling off the cliff, getting lost in the snowy fog, or getting hypothermia. It is required to access all the possible risks, prepare protections for warmth and competence to deal with all situations for snowy/icy trail. If you don’t have experience hiking in the snow, don’t have all essential gear or don’t know how to use the gear, please do not go on a hike when it snows.
  2. Visitors are required to prepare and check the equipment for hiking in the snow, including helmets, ice axes, and crampons. It is not recommended to use simple anti-slip crampons when hiking on snow with ice and rocks mixed together. Since it’s about your own safety, please do not leave out essential gear for convenience, reducing backpack weight, or cutting down on the expense.
  3. For your safety, you need to have solid competence in using snow/ice climbing gear. Buying or renting the equipment doesn't mean you know how to use it. Without proper training and practice, accidents can still occur due to incorrect or unfamiliar equipment usage.
  4. If the snow depth at Paiyun Lodge reaches 5cm or if it snows at White Wood Forest, it is required to fill out the form “Snow Control Application Instructions & Declaration & Checklist“ and send it to us. Group leader needs to participate in snow training course or climb high mountains outside of Taiwan that requires techniques for hiking in snow. Members (1 leader can take up to 5 members) needs to have experience hiking in snow. Both group leader and members should have all essential gear and know how to use the gear properly.


Remember, it is the hikers' responsibility to hike safely!
(Visitors travelling to other areas above 3000 m in the park are also kindly requested to check the trail/road conditions and the weather.)

Yushan Route Conditions: Paiyun Mountaineering Center +886 49 2702228 (06:30-16:30)
Trails at Tataka Recreational Area (Mt. Lulin, Mt. Linzhi, Mt. Dongpu): Tataka Visitor Center +886 49 2702200 (09:00-16:30)
Road Conditions to Tataka in Winter: New Cross-Island Highway Station +886 49 2791510 or +886 49 2702033
Other questions concerning park permit application or lodging fee refund: Mailbox
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Weather of Yushan Peaks Trails: Central Weather Bureau (Paiyun Lodge)(Mt. Jade Main Peak)

Dec. 27, 2021-Jan. 5: it snowed on Dec. 27 on the path above Paiyun Lodge (there’s snow/ice on the trail).
Jan. 6-17: it sowed on Jan. 7 on the path above Paiyun Lodge (there’s snow/ice on the trail).
Jan.18-23: CWB forecasts for Yushan/Paiyun Lodge: cloudy with a brief rain or snowfall. It snowed on Jan. 18 on the path above Paiyun Lodge (there’s snow/ice on the trail).
Jan. 24: no forecast for snow.


We will update this page from time to time. Latest update on January 18, 2022.