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Shei-Pa National Park-about the status of the snow

Announcement Date:2017-12-12 ~2017-12-18 Released By:Shei-pa National Park Headquarters

Dear Sir/Madam, 

According to the latest report of snowfall from the SPNP crew at the mountain trail, it has started to snow last week and the weather is unpredictable. For your safety, we strongly recommend that you bring your own equipments. Visitors without solid competence using snow/ice climbing gear are not recommended to go to the mountain trails in Shei-Pa National Park during this period. (e.g., climbing helmet/ crampons and ice axe or trekking poles etc.)

Please refer to these websites about the status of the weather:

1.Snow Climbing Outfits/Equipment:

2.Shei-Pa National Park Climbing Forums:

3.Forecast in Xueshan:

4.Forecast in Dabajianshan:

5.Central Weather Bureau:

Yours sincerely,

Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters