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All trails within the Taroko National Park Ecological Protection Area and other controlled zones closed from 5:30, 23 August 2019.

Announcement Date:2019-08-22 ~2019-08-26 Released By:Taroko National Park Headquarters

1. With the issuance of the typhoon maritime warning by the Central Meteorological Bureau, hikers are forbidden to enter the EPA and other relevant controlled zones from 5:30, 23 August 2019 onwards. 
2. All Park Entry Permits during the duration of the aformentioned typhoon warning will be deemed void and cancelled. Those affected will need to re-submit a new Park Entry Permit application outside this period if they still wish to enter the EPA and other relevant controlled zones. After the typhoon warning has expired, any damage to trails will need to be assessed before processing of Park Entry Permits can be resumed. Please refer to Article 5 of "Important Notices on Application for Entry into the Park Ecological Protection Areas and Other Restricted Zones" for more information.