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Snow condition in Yushan area as of 2/26: Visitors hiking Yushan will need snow hiking equipment.

Announcement Date:2015-02-26 ~2015-03-28 Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

Yushan area had experienced snowfall during early morning of 2/21. Trail inspection on 2/26 had marked that the section of Yushan Main Peak Trail beyond YuenFung Intersection had seen increasing unmelted snow along the side of the trail, and the Fengkou area as well as the iron chain handrail section of the trail were frozen with approximately 5cm of packed snow.

As a reminder to all visitors hiking Yushan starting 3/1, snow hiking equipment will be required in order to ensure safety. On-site provisional snow hiking safety controls will take effect. Visitors with approved Park Entry Permits but without proper snow hiking equipment can only travel as far as Paiyun Lodge, and will not be allowed to advance further.


Required snow hiking equipment: ice axes, crampons (suggested 8-clawed or above), and helmets (helmets can be borrowed from Paiyun Lodge), etc., and must know how to handle these equipment.

Yushan National Park will timely adjust the safety controls according to weather conditions.



1. As the Fengkou area of the Main Peak Trail are frozen with packed ice, starting 03/01/2015 (until declared deadline in accordance with weather conditions) teams that had applied for Paiyun Lodge will be eligible for refund if canceling the trip.

2. Refund related regulations and refund application form can be found at