What kind of document/proof do I need to provide when I apply for Park Entry?

Modifiers Date:2017-08-16   Released By:Shei-pa National Park Headquarters

1. Mountain climbing experience (All team member)

According to the activity period, landform danger level and snow season duration, the mountain climbing routes of the Park’s ecological protection area are divided into six grades: A, B, C, C+, D and E.

To apply for a


grade trail, you need to provide grade


mountain climbing experience.








For more information about the grading regulation of mountain trails in SPNP Ecological Protection Area, please refer to the document.


There are three types of documents that you can provide as the proof of mountain climbing experience :

Photos of mountain climbing → Please specified the position of your team members in the photo.

  i.g., p1. Adam

  p2. Becky- 2nd from left, Cathy-1st from right

  p3. David- top left

  p4. Ethan- lower

Park entry permit 

Mountain entry permit 


2. Letter of Undertaking for Solo Climbing

→ Applying for any mountain trail (except【Round trip to East Peak of Xue Mountain】) with only one member, the applicant shall upload the Letter of Undertaking for Solo Climbing. The solo climber and his/her family member shall sign the document and fill out the form.


3. Parental Consent Form

→Applicant shall upload the Parental Consent Form for minors under the age of 20.  


4. Snow season (please referred to the document)


5. Cherry Blossom Season (please referred to the document )