What is a Mountain Entry Permit? What is a Park Entry Permit?

Modifiers Date:2019-04-01   Released By:Taroko National Park Headquarters

Applying for a Mountain Entry Permit (also known as a Mountain Access Permit or a Police Mountain Permit) allows the applicant and their team to Entry mountainous areas that are within the restricted area. The Mountain Entry Permits are managed by the National Police Agency. Sometimes, these areas overlap with the Ecological Protection Area of some of Taiwan’s National Parks. A second Park Entry Permit (also known as a Park Access Permit) is needed to Entry overlapped areas. In some special cases, Taroko National Park has an existing agreement with the Xiulin County Police Department to waive the Mountain Entry Permit requirement for certain trails. The Park Entry Permits are jointly managed by the high-mountain National Parks of Taiwan (Sheipa, Taroko, Yushan).