Yushan Main Peak Day Hike【Sample Schedule】

Modifiers Date:2019-06-11   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

Rest at Dongpu Hostel the night before.

Ascent on the next day

05:00 Tataka Trailhead

07:00 White Wood Forest Pavilion

09:00 Paiyun Lodge

For safety concerns, those who have not reached Paiyun Lodge by 10:00am must return.

11:30 Mt. Jade (Yushan) Main Peak (Rest and take pictures.)

12:00 Descend from the Main Peak

13:30 Leave Paiyun Lodge

14:30 Reach White Wood Forest Pavilion

17:00 Reach the Tataka Trailhead (board transit.)

17:30 Leave the Tataka Parking Lot



Hats for warmth and protection from the sun, warm clothing, maps, gloves, whistles, Swiss-knives, raincoats, personal ID, climbing shoes, socks, backpack, water bottles, notebook, pens/pencils, flashlights (with batteries), trekking poles, food, medicine, GPS tracker, mobile/satellite phones.

Important Notices

1.      Maintain the Environment: Follow the "Leave No Trace" principles and National Park Regulations, do not harm the environment and take all garbage with you.

2.      SafetyThe safety and health of team members come first, descent immediately if the weather turns bad. Be well aware of high altitude sickness treatments and eLearning online.

3.  Emergency: Bring Satellite phones and/or cellphones with you, and keep in touch with your contacts at all times to ensure your safety.


Workout Plan for Yushan Main (West) Peak Day Hike















1.      Please fill out the exercises your team members plan to do before the day hike, such as jogging, bicycling, swimming, hiking, climbing, etc.


2.      “Date(s)/Frequency” can either be the exact dates of your training or the weekly/monthly frequency.