Modifiers Date:2019-05-27   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters


For the fairness and the right of applicants, groups, who intend to modify or shorten their approved application staying at Yuanfeng Cabin/Campground (slots reserved through the lottery) for more than 2 nights, are required to cancel the original application and submit a new one. The new application will be processed in chronological order.


Various teams have applied for Yuanfong Cabin/Camp yet are unable to reach it, thus have requested emergency shelter at Paiyun Lodge. Whether on purpose or not, it has caused much disturbance and difficulty in all involved. Due to various concerns including management, verification, and safety, those who stay at the Yuanfong Campsite must abide to the following regulations:


  1. It is required to inform the specific itinerary plan when applying.
  2. All members of the team that haven’t reached Paiyun Lodge by 12:00~14:00 MUST retreat back down the mountain.
  3. If emergency shelter is required under extreme circumstances, then it would be a violation of the “Prohibition of altering in schedules” regulation. For the safety of all members of the team, the Park Entry Permit will be considered void, and previously planned activities will be suspended. All members of the team will descent the mountain the following day; ascent to the Main Peak is strictly prohibited.


All members of the team must travel and act as a unit. If any of the regulations stated above are violated, the park entry permit will become invalid according to Article 123rd of Administrative Procedure Act that “where the authority rendering the disposition has made a reservation of the power to revoke the administrative disposition” and the 3rd regulation of Park Entry Application Regulations. Once the park entry permit is invalid, all member should not continue climbing regardless the former approval. Those who violate this regulation will get a ticket due to the violation of Article 19th of National Park Regulations.  


We sincerely ask for the cooperation of all applicants to maintain our environment and safety of all involved.



Declaration Letter for Residing at Yuanfong Campsite


      The team (application number) ____________ totaling _____ people, have carefully read the “Yuanfong Campsite Regulations”, I am (we are) aware of the difficulties in reaching the Yuanfong Campsite. I (we) declare that while within the park grounds, me (and my team) are fully equipped, physically fit, and have applied for traveling and/or mountain climbing insurance. I (we) will abide to the rules and regulations of the park, and will not alter my (our) planned schedule. As a guide/leader, I will take full responsibility for the safety of myself and team members, in addition, I (we) will submit myself (ourselves) for inspection by the Yushan National Park Headquarters and/or the Yushan Police Squad. If any of the regulations stated above are violated, I (we) will on the basis of safety concerns, voluntary cancel the expedition and evacuate from the park or suffer legal consequences.


This declaration and its contents have been conveyed to all members of the group, by signing (personally) below, all members are aware and agree to the contents of this declaration and are willing to abide to its regulations. All falsifications will be prosecuted.



Signature of Guide/Leader:

Signature of All Members:


















Yushan National Park Headquarters