South Section 2 of Central Mountain Range Hiking Trail Condition

Modifiers Date:2018-03-23   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

Level: Advanced

There are 8 collapses or cliffs from Dongpu to Batongguan area. There might be landslide after raining, please be careful when passing.

There is collapse closed to Yun peak east peak campsite; hikers will need to detour to avoid it.
The section from Siangyang to Yakou of Southern Cross-island Highway is now closed for repair. 

Traffic Information:  please also consult the construction office or visitor center for latest road condition.

Provincial Highway 21
New Central Cross-Island Highway
Xinyi Construction Office  +886-492-791511

Provincial Highway 20
South Cross-Island Highway
Jiashian Construction Office  +886-767-51014
Guanshan Construction Office