Why was my Park Entry Permit application rejected?

Modifiers Date:2019-04-01   Released By:Taroko National Park Headquarters

Park Entry Permit applications may be rejected if the itinerary does not correspond with the route category, if the itinerary is deemed unfeasible or surpassing the team’s abilities, or if those on the waitlist are unable to fill in opened spaces within the quota. Rejected applications will be accompanied by a detailed explanation. 

Applicants may be notified either by email or by phone if their details are incomplete (e.g. if the applicant’s phone number is the same phone number as their emergency contact) or if the proposed itinerary needs justification of hiking ability. In this case, please modify your application in accordance with the specific requests, and re-send the application back for processing.

Please see "How does the waitlist work for trails and/or cabins?" for why applications on the waitlist may be automatically rejected.