A brief introduction of how to apply for Paiyun Lodge

Modifiers Date:2022-12-30   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

Paiyun Lodge application is within the procedure of the park entry permit application


How to make online application : https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/notice_3.aspx
How to apply permits to stay at Paiyun Lodge


Route Options

Main Route

Secondary Route


Yushan Trails

2~5 Days(Tataka - Yushan Trails -Tataka )

2 Days(Tataka - Yushan Trails -Tataka )(Paiyun Lodge Advanced Application)

Please visit "HOME >> Travel information >> Mountain Hiking Route" Suggested Itinerary of Yushan Trails

2 Days Schedule Example:
Day 1:登山口Tataka Trail Head→一般Mt. Jade West Peak→宿營地Paiyun Lodge
Day 2:宿營地Paiyun Lodge→一般Mt. Jade Main Peak→宿營地Paiyun Lodge→登山口Tataka Trail Head 


Application Ways

Application website:https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/apply_1.aspx
Postal mail address: No.515, Sec. 1, Jhongshan Rd., Shueili Township, Nantou County 55344, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Contact phone number: +886-49-2348209
E-Mail Box website:https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/mail_2.aspx
Application form download: "HOME >> Bulletin Board >> Downloadshttps://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/news_3.aspx?unit=c951cdcd-b75a-46b9-8002-8ef952ec95fd


Application Deadline

The draw is generally conducted 1 month prior to the intended park entry date, and postponed to the following workday when encountering weekends/holidays. Online application and application modification of the draw-conducted date is unavailable during the time that a drawing is held: GMT+8 from 3pm to 4pm.


The Application Deadline of Foreign Advanced Quota

Advanced application exclusively for foreigners is available from 4months to 35days before the climb date. 24 occupants per day from Sunday to Thursday, except national holidays. Only 2 native occupants at most are allowed per team for local guides or interpreters.
How do foreign visitors apply for quoted spaces at Paiyun Lodge when hiking the Yushan Main Peak Route?


All visitors (locals and foreigners) can apply. Visitors under the age of 20 should obtain a parental consent from parents or guardian.


Campsite/Cabin Drawing Lots Procedures

For the dates and time of the lottery draw, please visit “HOME >> Bulletin Board >> News >> YUSHAN NATIONAL PARK >> YSNP Lottery Draw Schedule”.

During 15:00~16:00 (postpone when encountering holidays), the time when the lottery is conducted, it will not possible to submit or modify an application.

Once the result of the lottery is announced, groups that get slots will get E-mail and SMS notification. After the lottery, groups that are not chosen could apply for other dates or submit an application for the same date to be on the waiting list. (For example, the lottery draw for entering on 10 October is held during 15:00~16:00 on 10 September. Groups that don’t get slots could submit an application for the same date after 16:00)




Teams on the waiting list have the priority to fill in the new vacancies. Teams that are lining up will be filled in the order of the date when all team member information is completely filled out.


Applicants’ replacement: Team leader can be replaced once only. The Team Leader Replacement Application Form should be submit 1 days before the entry date.


the Usage of Paiyun Lodge of Yushgn Nation Park

Lodging fee for Paiyun Lodge: NT$480 per person per night.  Lodging fee for Paiyun Lodge is charged according to “Fee-charging Standards for the Usage of Paiyun Lodge of Yushan Nation Park.” It could be paid in the following ways:


Payment Methods

Refund Conditions

NTD 480

1. Cash
2. Bank transfer
3. Postal money orders

1. Park closed due to natural disasters
2. Applications cancelled 14 days before the entry date
3. Groups/individual under special circumstances

For Paiyun Lodge fee refund, please download the application form (in Chinese), fill it out, and send it to us by post.


Catering and Sleeping Bag Rental Service at Paiyun Lodge

Chinese website with pictures:http://go17713.ego.tw/multimedia1.html
Order Form (English): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByVRBJlrJq2GMVJ6SGltaFZFd0E/view
Please send the completed form to: go177813@gmail.com


Shuttle Bus

There will be a shuttle bus running between Paiyun Mountaineering Center to the trailhead, the fee is $100NTD per person. Please refer to : http://dongpu.mmweb.tw/?ptype=xar#581


Yushan Climbing Commemorative Certificate  

To apply for a Yushan climbing commemorative certificate, please refer to the following page:https://www.ysnp.gov.tw/StaticPage/Apply





Before the hiking, we suggest that visitors check on the status of  Yushan trails and Paiyun Lodge, watch educational videos about hiking safety on the website. https://www.ysnp.gov.tw/En/Video/E005200?SearchCategoryID=3407ab1f-508f-41da-a969-2d630bfbe7b5

Since January 1999, the YSNP HQ has implemented a number control on daily visitors to the Park, and the accommodation lottery drawing. Based on the principle of justice, fairness and openness, the headquarters host the lottery drawing supervised by ethic officials daily at 3-4pm one month before the climb date. Visitors are much welcome to participate in the drawing procedure.  Given the popularity of Yushan National Park in these years, it would be a slim chance to get the space at Paiyun Lodge on weekends so visitors might want to arrange the schedule on weekdays for better chance. 

Once the drawing result comes out, the teams who get the space will receive the notification via email and text message. Teams who don’t get the space need to apply again for another date, or to apply for the same date to line up in case of any vacancies released.