Yushan Trails Condition

Modifiers Date:2018-03-23   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

Level: Intermediate

Yushan peaks trail will be closed during Peace Ritual hold in every February.  

The first 8.5 kilometers of Yushan peaks trail is suitable for beginners. After passing Paiyun Lodge, it will be much difficult to hike this trail due to its steep track and high elevation.

The trail section approximately 3.2km from the Yushan North Saddle towards the Batongguan trail (pass Laonong Cliff) was damaged by heavy rainfall during past typhoons. The trail had collapsed and the road bed was no longer traceable. For safety reasons, this part of the trail is currently closed.

Yuanfong Cabin/Campground is the only place to stay overnight during the renovation of Paiyun Lodge. The path to Yuanfong is steep and might slide, please be careful when passing.

Yushan Main (West) Peak Day Hike : Ideally, teams should enter the park after 5am, and depart before 5pm. For safety concerns, those who have not reached Paiyun Lodge by 10:00am must return.

Traffic Information:  please also consult the construction office or visitor center for latest road condition.

There might be landslide from slopes or falling stones at 121K ~ 145K of Provincial Highway 21. For safety concerns, this section of road will be closed from 15:00 to 7:00 of next day and open once an hour from 7:00 to 15:00  from April 16, 2012 to November 30, 2012.

Provincial Highway 18

Alishan Highway

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Provincial Highway 21
New Central Cross-Island Highway

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