How to use “Save Draft” feature?

Modifiers Date:2021-03-17   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

When saving a draft, it is necessary to fill in the nationality and passport/ARC number and Email account of the applicant/agent. Once it’s done, you could save one more or more than one draft(s).

1. Click “Reload Member Info” to fill in members’ information written in the last draft saved.
2. You could check the member(s) who will be in your application.
3. The final size of group needs to be identical with that marked on the page “Route Plan.”
4. Members’ information could be reloaded only under the condition that the last draft still exists. A draft could be saved for a month. After a month or the submission of application, all data will be deleted.
5. You could upload or delete file(s) attached when you are editing an application or a draft before submitting it. Please upload correct file(s).