How do I apply for the Mountain Entry Permit?

Modifiers Date:2018-10-23   Released By:Shei-pa National Park Headquarters

There are three ways to apply for the Mountain Entry Permit :

1. After you receive your Park Entry Permit, you can use the function provided at the【Status Check and Print out Permit 】page to transfer your application data to Mountain Entry application website. National Police Agency crew will check your Mountain Entry application and notify you the results via email.  ※online, 5 days before your entry date, the function has only one usage.


2. You can apply directly at the Mountain Entry application website yourself. ※online, 5 days before your entry date


3. For some reason, you failed to get your Mountain Entry Permit via online application. You can apply at the police station in person. ※Apply at the local police station, during business hours (You can apply on/before your entry date) 


Related links and information:

【Status Check and Print out Permit】: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/apply_3.aspx

【Mountain Entry Application 】: https://nv2.npa.gov.tw/NM103-604Client/

 The Mountain Entry crew of National Police Agency

(TEL: 886-2-23577377, 09:00~11:30 & 14:00~16:30 )

Guanwu police squad : (TEL: 886-37276200) https://goo.gl/maps/c7WJQfzvHL42

Wuling police squad : (TEL: 886-425901117) https://goo.gl/maps/TKSCY9SsnM52

Wuling police squad open between 6:00~20:00 every day (weekend included). Be sure to bring your park entry permit and passport to apply for the mountain entry permit in person. You can apply on the same day you enter the mountain trail.