What is the difference between an Emergency Coordinator and an Emergency Contact? Does my Emergency Coordinator/Contact have to be a Taiwanese Citizen?

Modifiers Date:2019-04-02   Released By:Taroko National Park Headquarters

An Emergency Contact is the team member’s next of kin. The Emergency Coordinator refers to a close friend or family member who does not hike with the team and are responsible to keep in constant contact with the team to monitor their progress. The emergency contact and emergency coordinator can be the same person if they are also the next of kin for one or more of the team members. If the team encounters difficulties and needs help or rescue, the emergency coordinator will be able to notify the authorities immediately.

For the Park Entry Permit: you are free to provide an emergency contact/coordinator that is not a Taiwanese citizen and/or having a foreign phone number (i.e. emergency contacts/coordinators can be foreigners with overseas phone numbers). 

However, those who will also need to obtain a Mountain Entry Permit may need to provide an emergency coordinator that is a Taiwanese Citizen that has a local and contactable phone number. Please refer to "If I already received a Park Entry Permit, how do I apply for a mountain entry permit?" for instructions on how to apply for a Mountain Entry Permit; and please refer to "Do I need a permit for my trail itinerary?" for a list of trails that require one, both, or neither permits.