Apply for Park Permit

Please read the following regulations before applying

I have read and understood the “Personal Data Gathering and Usage Instruction.” Application agent need to gather all members' necessary personal data under their permission.

I have read and understood the “Application and Admission Notice"  & " Application Regulations and Notices"and informed all team members the regulations of our park.

Application deadline for Paiyun Lodge, Yuanfong Cabin/Campground, Kuhanuosin Cabin / Campground, Walami Cabin/Campground and Yushan Trails Day Hike:

  1. Applications must be submitted at least 1 month prior to the proposed entry date in order to qualify for the lottery draw.
  2. Late applications may be submitted, however they must be submitted at least 5 days before the proposed entry date and will only allow teams to join the standby list. Only those that have completed all required information will be put on the standby list and fill in any vacancies according to chronological order of their last modification.

A brief introduction of how to apply for Paiyun Lodge

The lottery draw is conducted 1 month prior to the lodging date, between 15:00 to 16:00 (postponed to the following workdays at 9:00-10:00, 12:00-13:00, and 15:00-16:00 respectively when encountering weekends/holidays). During this time, any submission or modification of applications related to the lottery will not be allowed.

Applications can be submitted between 7:00 and 23:00 daily; applications cannot be submitted between 23:00 to 7:00 the following day, due to system maintenance (but drafts can still be saves).

If you plan to stay in the park for more than one night, we will cancel your application when you do not get the slots for one of the nights, either because the lodge/campsite is full or because the group does not obtain slot(s) from the lottery.

When entering the restricted mountain area, Mountain Entry Permit (issued by the National Police Agency) is required (according to the National Security Law.) After hiking team successfully applied for the Park Entry Permit, the team representative applicant is authorized to use the personal information of the whole team to apply for the Mountain Entry Permit at this website (Online Application for Entry Permit Website). The team also understood the process of issuing Mountain Entry Permit. If the Mountain Entry permit data this website sent fails, the team has to apply by themselves.

[Emergency Plan]

  1. Bring personal and group mountain equipment (snow climbing equipment for snow season)

  2. Bring communication gadgets and GPS and update the hiking schedule regularly with family member or emergency contact person.

  3. Be aware of the natural disaster and weather information in the park. Hiking Safety and Environmental Education Guide is required to be read before your entry.

  4. Fully understand your members’ health condition.  Self-training of mountain skills is required before your entry.

  5. Safety first is the principle of your hiking. Please cooperate with the park rangers when checking the permit and follow their guidance if needed.

  6. Be sure to buy insurance.

[Environmental Maintenance]

  1. All members will obey the regulations of Yushan National Park.

  2. Fully understand Leave No Trace guidelines and maintain minimum impact to the environment.

  3. Do not interrupt plants and wildlife and leave no rubbish.

  4. Keep your steps only on trails.

  5.  Coordinate with the national parks patrol volunteers’ conservation action, and help persuade members or climbers on their behaviors. 

How do foreign visitors apply for quoted spaces at Paiyun Lodge when hiking the Yushan Main Peak Route?   Please visit: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/news_4main.aspx?ID=2602

To assist foreign visitors in confirming traveling details more timely when hiking the Yushan Main Peak Route, 24 spaces are reserved at Paiyun Lodge on non-weekend days (Sunday – Thursday) for foreign visitors.

Application Dates: 35 days – 4 months before the entry date

Foreign Advanced Application Links and Eligible Route: Yushan Main Peak 2-day Route only

English: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/index.aspx
Online Application >> Apply for Park Permit
>> Paiyun Lodge Advanced Application
Japanese: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/jp/index.aspx
入園の申請 >> オンライン入園申請
>> 排雲山荘の先行申請

If you choose the “Standard Application/一般申請” your application will not be included in the waiting list of the spaces reserved exclusively for foreign visitors.

When typhoon warning, forest fires or other emergency events are issued, our headquarters shall promulgate the prohibition of entering the park, and the issued park entry permit will be invalid. Refund for Paiyun Lodge is possible.

When Yushan National Park issued a snow control (usually take place in December, January, February and March), visitors need to be equipped with ice axes, crampons, and helmets (and familiar with using them), all visitors are required to have experience of snow climbing (a photo is accepted as proof). If not, the permit is invalid. 

Hikers are expected to actively evaluate the experience, equipment, capability, physical fitness and weather condition, be aware of all potential risks from this activity, and be responsible for your own safety. Trails in the mountains are prone to be affected by the environment, causing unexpected damage or blockage. For your own safety, it is not suggested to attempt to pass certain sections of the trail when you have safety concerns. It will be appreciated to provide the trail condition updates, which will benefit other hikers as well.

The applicant shall be aware of the truthfulness of their team members’ information and the itinerary plan. In case that they fill in the data for the Park entry application under the circumstance where they already knew the information was misrepresented or have fraudulently used the name of others, they shall be suspected of committing forgery under Article 210 of the Criminal Code or the crime of making a civil servant conduct untrue recordkeeping under Article 214 of the Criminal Code. If the offense is proved true, the Park will reject the application according to law in the first instance, followed by suspending the applicant’s rights and reporting such criminal conduct to the juridical competent authorities by providing relevant information.

 It’s required to bring the park permit and valid ID for verification during the hike. Visitors who don’t have a valid ID or whose ID is not identical with the one registered on the park permit cannot enter the park. If the visitor has entered the park, we reserve the right to ask the visitor to leave the park. Those who refuse to follow the rules or refuse to leave the park violate the 19th article of National Park Law and may be subject to penalty.


If the applicants for admission have student status or participate in school club activities, you must report to the relevant school unit for emergency response.

I have read and understood the regulations above and will follow National Park Regulations.