User Guide for Application

1Lookup lodging site availability
  1. Please lookup if there is enough remaining space at your desired lodging site, to avoid application being declined for insufficient capacity.
  2. If there is insufficient lodging capacity, your team will be on standby.
2Online Application
  1. Application periods for each park:
    1. Yushan

      2 months – 5 days before the entry date. Lottery draw is scheduled roughly 1 month prior to the lodging date between 15:00 - 16:00

    2. Taroko

      1. Normal routes: 1 month – 5 days before the entry date.
      2. Mt. Bilu Single Day Ascent and Mt. Bilu-Mt. Yangtou routes:1 month – 3 days before the entry date.
      3. Zhuilu Old Road: Before 10am the day prior to the park entry date; for weekends and holidays, please apply before 10am on the last work day prior to entry date.
    3. Shei-Pa

      1 month – 5 days before the entry date

  2. Online Application submission hours: 07:00 – 23:00 daily
  3. All routes must be apply before the respective deadline. Please understand that late applications are not accepted.
3Application result notification

Please ensure we have a correct email address and cell phone number for result notification.

(All results will be sent to your email, whether approved or declined. If you cannot find the notification, please check your spam folder.)

4Download Park Entry Permit

Please print out the permit through Online Application → “Check Status/Print Permit/Apply for Mountain Permit/ enter information / Print out Permit”. Please make sure to have your ID and permit with you during your visit for verification purposes.

5Apply mountain (police) permit

This system can support Mountain Entry Permit application submission by transferring data to the National Police Agency. You can do this through Online Application → “Check Status/Print Permit/Apply for Mountain Permit/enter information/Apply mountain (police) permit

(Mountain Entry Permit application website: https://nv2.npa.gov.tw/NM107-604Client/)