Apply for Park Permit

Please read the following regulations before applying

The applicant shall be aware of the truthfulness of their team members’ information and the itinerary plan. In case that they fill in the data for the Park entry application under the circumstance where they already knew the information was misrepresented or have fraudulently used the name of others, they shall be suspected of committing forgery under Article 210 of the Criminal Code or the crime of making a civil servant conduct untrue recordkeeping under Article 214 of the Criminal Code. If the offense is proved true, the Park will reject the application according to law in the first instance, followed by suspending the applicant’s rights and reporting such criminal conduct to the juridical competent authorities by providing relevant information.

Application agent need to gather all members' necessary personal data under their permission.

Team leaders shall be adults aged 20 or above, and capable of maintaining the climbing team’s safety. They must make every team member aware of the precautions regarding entering and exiting the ecological protection area, as well as the importance of abiding by the National Park’s regulations and taking heed of their own safety (try to avoid climbing at night). Also, GPS and emergency communications equipment shall be carried during mountain climbing to avoid accidents. Team leaders are responsible for supervising their team members and guaranteeing the safety of the team members according to the ecological protection area’s regulations.

When typhoon warning, forest fires or other emergency events are issued, our headquarters shall promulgate the prohibition of entering the park, and the issued park entry permit will be invalid.
Applications shall be submitted from 07:00 to 23:00 within 7 days to one month prior to the Park entry. All of the itinerary dates applied for shall fall within the period of time calculated from the application date. Late applications will not be accepted.
Drafts can be reserved for seven days. Data changes can be made through the online system, in which draft data saved from the previous session can be retrieved from the data online change – “Edit your Drafts” function on the system for revision, and the changes shall be submitted during times (between 7:00 – 23:00) when the system is open for applications.

[Emergency Plan]

  1. Bring personal and group mountain equipment (snow climbing equipment for snow season)

  2. Bring communication gadgets and GPS and update the hiking schedule regularly with family member or emergency contact person.

  3. Be aware of the natural disaster and weather information in the park. Hiking Safety and Environmental Education Guide is required to be read before your entry.

  4. Fully understand your members’ health condition.  Self-training of mountain skills is required before your entry.

  5. Safety first is the principle of your hiking. Please cooperate with the park rangers when checking the permit and follow their guidance if needed.

  6. Be sure to buy insurance.

[Environmental Maintenance]

  1. All members will obey the regulations of Shei-Pa National Park.

  2. Fully understand Leave No Trace guidelines and maintain minimum impact to the environment.

  3. Do not interrupt plants and wildlife and leave no rubbish.

  4. Keep your steps only on trails.

  5.  Coordinate with the national parks patrol volunteers’ conservation action, and help persuade members or climbers on their behaviors. 

Before attempting any climb in the high-altitude area in Taiwan, it is recommened that hikers contact your family doctor for the preventative medications of altitude sickness. 

To apply for the team of the West Xue Trail, please read the notes on 230 Forest Road before applying.

The team of solo climbing understand that solo mountain climbing  presents    a certain level of danger, and a large amount of social resources will be consumed in case of any search and rescue being required for me. Hence, in addition to bringing enough food, drinking water and mountain climbing outfit/equipment with me, I have also arranged mountain climbing or travel insurance, and will bring with me special equipment, including: satellite phone and hand-held GPS, safety rope and safety helmet, to lower the risk of solo climbing, and will also routinely send safety messages to my family members. I have already asked my family members to promptly notify the Headquarters or firefighting unit in case that I do not come down the mountain as per my mountain-climbing schedule, in order to ensure the optimal time for rescue.

I have read and understood the regulations above and will follow National Park Regulations.