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Yushan National Park Headquarters 2022-10-06 2023 Lottery Draw Schedule
Yushan National Park Headquarters 2021-09-03 YSNP Lottery Draw Schedule: Lodging dates in 2022
Taroko National Park Headquarters 2021-06-03 Starting July 1, 2021, the "Important Notices on Application for Entry into the Park Ecological Protection Areas and Other Restricted Zones" will be revised. In addition, the date of application for entry into the park has been changed from 30 days to 2 months in advance.
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2020-03-19 When Climbing Groups stay in the Huts overnight, please to wear the mask and maintain Self-Health Control.
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2020-03-18 Taiwan bans all foreign visitors from March 19. Please cooperate with the relevant regulations and adjust your schedule.
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2018-11-30 Trial run for exemption of proof of mountaineering experience and ability for different grades of mountain hiking routes in Shei-Pa National Park Conservation Areas, and adjustment in the calculation of cabin and campground beginning January 3rd, 2019
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2018-05-31 From 2018 Jun. 7 , the progress of application of entry permit for Shei-Pa National Park Ecological Protection Area will be adjusted.
Taroko National Park Headquarters 2017-02-10 Zhuilu Old Road Admission Fees
Yushan National Park Headquarters 2010-09-21 Due to the sliding phenomenon of Guangao area, it is not allowed to stay overnight at Guangao Cabin and Guangao campground since 15 September 2010.