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Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2019-01-19 Application Instructions for Entry Permit during the Chinese New Year (Feb 2 ~ Feb 13). [置頂]
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2019-01-10 In order to cooperate with traffic control during Wuling Farm’s Cherry Blossom Season (Feb 7 ~ Feb 27) [置頂]
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2019-01-02 Jiujiu/99 Hut, owned by Hsinchu Forest District Office, will be closed temporarily on Chinese New Year's Eve (Feb 4, 2019). [置頂]
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2018-11-30 Trial run for exemption of proof of mountaineering experience and ability for different grades of mountain hiking routes in Shei-Pa National Park Conservation Areas, and adjustment in the calculation of cabin and campground beginning January 3rd, 2019 [置頂]
Taroko National Park Headquarters 2018-11-22 Park Entry Permit applications for the 2019 winter season and the 2019 Chinese New Year Festival [置頂]
Yushan National Park Headquarters 2019-01-08 To support minority groups, and to promote socially responsible practices among corporations, Paiyun Lodge bed spaces for the following dates in 2019 will be reserved for charity and environmental events: Apr. 23rd, May 21st, June 24th, Sep. 30th, Oct. 21st, and Nov. 5th.
Yushan National Park Headquarters 2018-11-13 YSNP Lottery Draw Schedule: Lodging dates in 2019
Yushan National Park Headquarters 2018-11-02 Routes within Yushan mountain areas will be closed from Feb. 1st, 2019  to Feb. 28th, 2019  for annual recovery.
Shei-pa National Park Headquarters 2018-05-31 From 2018 Jun. 7 , the progress of application of entry permit for Shei-Pa National Park Ecological Protection Area will be adjusted.
Taroko National Park Headquarters 2017-02-10 Zhuilu Old Road Admission Fees