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Information on the Application for Park Entry Permit during the Snow Season

Announcement Date:2019-11-14 ~2020-03-31 Released By:Shei-pa National Park Headquarters

Shei-Pa National Park Conservation Areas:
Information on the Application for Park Entry Permit during the Snow Season

I.               Snow Season: On January 3, 2020 to March 31, 2020 (During the Snow Season, depends on the mountain weather, the public announcement will be update and also give a suggestion to change the snow safety gear or not.)

II.            Eligibility: All group member necessary need a capability to operating important snow safety gear. The leader should check his/her own snow terrain training experience and eligibility of his/her Mountaineering Guide Certificate. Afterward, the leader need to upload documents to Shei-Pa National Park (see Attachment 1).

III.         Climbing Route Applications:

               i.          Regular Application: Access to open climbing routes within the conservation area of Shei-Pa National Park. One of the routes, “Shengleng”, when the group wants to apply for the route, it is must need to submit a document about “Safety Management and Risk Assessment” (Attachment 2).

             ii.          Snowfield Training Application: Access to East Xue Trail and specific campgrounds for groups applying to train on snowy terrain (see Attachment 3).

IV.         Number of Applicants:

               i.          Regular Applications: At least 1 members, with a maximum of 6 members per group (including the group leader). As for “Shengleng Trail” recommends unless the number of team members is 3 or more.

             ii.          Snowfield Training Applications: At least 2 members, with a maximum of 10 members per group (including the group leader).

V.           Application Deadlines:

Both regular and snowfield training applications can be submitted from 5 days to one month prior to park entry.

VI.         Please fill out the park entry application form in accordance with Shei-Pa National Park’s online application instructions, and prepare the following documents to upload with scans or photographs during the application.

               i.           A checklist of snow safety gear and skills for climbing Shei-Pa National Park’s trails during snow season.

The group leader’s qualifications must include the following (have to acquire one of the following qualifications and do not need to upload documents):

1.      A snowfield training certificate (issued by a registered institution).

2.      A mountaineering guide certificate issued in accordance with provisions outlined in the “Mountaineering Guide Qualifications” by the Ministry of Education’s Sport Administration.

3.      Previous snow (winter) climbing experience on well-known snowy terrain in Taiwan or overseas.

             ii.           The leader and membership are required that snow climbing experience and ability. According to Shei-Pa regulations, the trails are all in varying difficulty classifications within the conservation area.

          iii.           Snowfield Training Plan (unrequired for regular application): There is no fixed format, hence the schedule, activity plan, content of the snowfield training, climbing snow experience of the group leader or trainer, and a list of the group’s snow safety gear shall include.

VII.      For snowfield training applications, please use the “Online Application for Taiwan National Park Permits” website. Select “Online Application” → “Apply for Park Permit” → “Shei-Pa National Park” → Read the application regulations and check the relevant boxes → “I Agree” → “Route Plan” →“Route” → “Primary Route: East Xue Trail” → “Secondary Route: Snowfield Training”. Please also attach your snowfield training plan for review. Groups training for causes related to public welfare (e.g. firefighter units, disaster relief teams) will have priority in cabin/campground reservations.

VIII.   If snow falls during the regular season, the regular season permits will be subject to change, Shei-Pa based on the public announcements of current weather conditions. Snow climbing groups will be able to keep their cabin/campground reservations under the original permits, but must submit the other documents required for snow season permits within 3 days of a public weather announcement, and pass to the Park’s review before entry. When the group unsent the documents, the permits will be revoked.

IX.         Groups entering the park are required to have their park entry application documents checked by the Park Administration. The entire group’s park entry qualification will be revoked if the leader is absent. The group shall take note of the current mountain condition published by the Park Administration at all times. Besides following the necessary guidance of the Park Administration’s personnel or volunteer patrol, please make sure that everyone is able to use the snow safety gear correctly, and be careful on icy routes and difficult terrain.

X.           During the snow season, it is recommended that foreign groups have a Taiwanese group leader or climbing guide.

XI.         Matters not covered herein will be handled in accordance with the National Park Law, public notices of prohibited actions, provisions outlined in the park entry permit application, and other relevant regulations.