Personal Data Gathering and Usage Instructions

Modifiers Date:2019-05-27   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

Personal Data Gathering and Usage Instructions

Legal Basis of Personal Data Reservation:

1.          The 19th article of National Park Law

2.          The 8th article, 7th section of Administration Regulations of Yushan National Park Headquarters

3.          Application Instruction for Entering the Yushan, Taroko, Shei-pa National Park

4.          Control Regulations of Ecological Protected Area

Purpose for Personal Data Gathering:

Works related to park entry application for entering Yushan National Park, including issuing park entry permit, park entry identification, park entry check, park entry statistical information, and visitors' behavior analysis.

The Standard Purpose :

026 Ecological reservation

073 Freedom of government information, archives administration and management

077 Booking, lodging registration and ticket master business

135 Information (Communication) Services

136 Information (Communication) and database Management

157 Investigation, statistics and research analysis

159 Academic Research

167 Police Administration

171 Other central government authorities and its subordinate authority internal management, supervision of public affairs, administrative assistance and related services.


The Types of personal data:

C001 Type for identifying individuals

C003 Type for identifying in government data

C011 Individual description

C038 Occupation

C052 Qualification or technique.

C131 Research of paper documents.


Database name: Database of Yushan National Park Entry Application

Personal Data Usage Duration:

From the date of applying until the date of departing of Yushan National Park

Personal Data Usage Area: Yushan National Park Headquarters

Personal Data Usage Target:

Applicants, Yushan National Park Headquarters, Yushan Police Squad, and National Police Agency.

Usage of Personal Data:

Park entry application, mountain entry application, drawing for campgrounds, park visitor statistic, visitors’ behavior analysis, notification through email or text message, etc.


Personal Data Inquiry:

Applicants may inquire online for application data and personal data from the date of applying until the departing date of Yushan National Park

Inquiry for Yushan National Park Application Data by Paper Format:

The headquarters will destroy all applicants’ data three years after the applicants’ departure and only the park entry statistical information will be saved. (Yushan National Park does not recommend applicants inquire by paper)

Personal Data Output:

Park Entry Permit is available to be printed when the application is approved and valid until the day of entry.

Personal Data Modification:

Applicants may modify the application’s personal information and replace the team leader at least 7 days before the entry date.

Personal Data Deletion:

The headquarters will destroy all applicants’ data two years after the applicants’ departing date and only the park entry statistical information will be saved.

The Cease of Collecting, Handling and Usage of Personal Data:

1.          Applicants may cancel the application online or by email from the date of application until the entry date.

2.          Yushan National Park Headquarters dispose the personal data regularly. The headquarters will save only the name, sex, nationality, birth year and month and application date for statistical information.

3.           Applicants should understand the influence of not providing personal data: Personal information is the accordance of park entry permit and identification for park entry check; if the personal data is incorrect the park entry application may not be accepted.

Park Entry Application Personal Data Gathering Unit Contact Information:

Yushan National Park Headquarters Park Entry Service Unit

515, Sec1, Jongshan Road, Shueli township, Nantou county, Taiwan 55344

Tel: 886-49-2348209, 886-49-2348204