Yushan National Park Conditionally Opened Route Application Guidelines

Modifiers Date:2019-10-01   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters

Yushan National Park Conditionally Opened Route Application Guidelines

Revised on 2019.01.11

1. Eligibility: 3-12 people per group. The group leader should be 20 or more than 20 years old.

2. Route: intermediate/advanced routes within Yushan Nation Park opened to trekker with long-distance hiking experience.

3. Application Time: 7 days to 2 months prior to entry date

4. Please apply for park entry permit online; Website: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/

 The applications will be processed in chronological order.

 It is required to upload proof of all members’ hiking experience to mountains above 3000m during a 3-days or longer treks when submitting an application.


5. Groups approved for park entry must adhere to the following regulations:

a. It’s not allowed to add or change group member(s).

b. Applicants must apply for a Mountain Entry Permit from the Police Department, as the park areas are considered restricted mountain areas by law.

c. All members of the team must bring identification for inspection.

d. All members must adhere to the National Park Law and park regulations. For any violation or perjury, the applicant, group leader, guide, or respective individuals will be prosecuted by law.

e. When the snow season control is in effect, please refer to the “Snow Season Application Instructions for Entering Yushan National Park Ecological Protected Area”.

f. Group members will be asked to upload a signed a declaration form in accordance with the risk and difficulty of the route. The original copy might be required if necessary.



Declaration letter of Conditionally Opened Route Hiking

I,                , and my team totaling     people, hereby declare that we understand the difficulties in climbing the conditionally opened route (during the snow season). I (We) recognize Yushan National Park’s efforts to protect Yushan’s ecology and the safety of its climbers. I (We) affirm that when I am (we are) within Yushan National’s park grounds, I (we) will abide to its rules and regulations, and I am (we are) physically fit to finish the route (snow season: fully equipped with the required snow climbing equipment and have sufficient snow climbing abilities). As a guide/leader, I will take full responsibility for the safety of myself and my team members, and is willing to submit myself for inspection by the Yushan National Park Headquarters and/or the  Yushan Police Branch, Sixth Division The Seventh special Police Corps. I (we) will exercise extreme caution to maintain Yushan’s ecology and my (our) safety, and have already applied for mountain climbing or traveling insurance. If any of the above protocols are violated, I (we) will for the safety of myself and others voluntary cancel the expedition and/or evacuate from the park or suffer legal consequences.

1.                  Climbing Equipment

Sun-blocking and warm Headgear, warm clothing, maps, gloves, whistles, Swiss knives, raincoats, personal ID, hiking shoes, backpacks, water bottles, hiking stick, food, cooking utensils, first aid kits (medication), GPS tracker, mobile/ radios, tents (if needed). (It’s required to bring snow climbing equipment during snow season.)

2.                  Snow Climbing Equipment (All member should be able to use the equipment)

Guide/Leader Equipment

Member Equipment

Suggested Equipment

safety helmet, ski goggles , 12 clawed crampons, high quarter boots, ice axe

safety helmet, waterproof gloves, ice axe, 12 (or more) clawed crampons, high quarter boots, ski goggles or sunglasses

safety harnesses, warm hat, snow picket, mask, warm and waterproof clothing, figure 8 descender, jummar, belay device, brakes, locking carabiner, hiking pole, climbing rope, gaiters

3.         Proof of experience (pictures/documents of successful ascents/hiking of mountains taller than 3000m during a 3-days or longer treks) for all members of the team; team leader’s snow training certificate (when applying snow season climbing)

*I will inform Yushan National Park Headquarters if I cancel this application

I have read the “Personal Data Gathering and Usage Instruction” and have obtained all members' permission to use their personal data for park entry application.

This declaration and its contents have been conveyed to all members of the group, by signing (personally) below, all members are aware and agree to the contents of this declaration and are willing to abide to its regulations. All falsifications will be prosecuted.


Signature of Guide/Leader:

Signature of All Members:














Yushan National Park Headquarters