Do I need a permit for my trail itinerary?

Modifiers Date:2019-04-01   Released By:Taroko National Park Headquarters

On the Taroko National Park Trails webpage, only trails listed under “Mountaineering Trails” may require one or more permits. Trails listed under “Scenic Trails” or “Hiking Trails”, in addition to all Scenic Spots require no permits whatsoever. Specifically (not exhaustive):

Both Park Permit and Mountain Permits required:

  • Mt. Nanhu
  • Mt. Nanhu – Mt. Zhongyangjian (North Section 1)
  • North Section 2
  • Mt. Shuan – Mt. Lingming
  • Mt. Shuan (single day ascent)
  • North Section 1 to 2
  • Mt. Bilu – Mt. Yangtou
  • Mt. Bilu (single day ascent)
  • Mt. Qilai Main/North Peak
  • Mt. Qilai Range
  • Mt. Qilai South Peak
  • Qilai East Ridge
  • Other (non-traditional) routes

Park Entry Permit only:

  • Mt. Yangtou
  • Mt. Qingshui
  • Zhuilu Old Road

Mountain Entry Permit only:

  • Mt. Hehuan North Peak
  • Mt. Hehuan West Peak
  • Mt. Nanhua (outside Park premises)

No permits needed (non-exhaustive):

  • Mt. Hehuan Main Peak
  • Mt. Hehuan East Peak
  • Mt. Hehuanjian
  • Mt. Shimen (Main and North Peaks)
  • Mt. Pingfeng
  • Lushui-Wenshan Trail
  • Lushui-Heliu Trail
  • Baiyang Trail
  • Dali-Datong Trail
  • Shakadang Trail

Alternatively, please visit the Taroko National Park permits webpage for a list of which trails need which permits: https://www.taroko.gov.tw/en/Announcements/MountainPermits