When can I apply for a Park Entry Permit?

Modifiers Date:2019-04-01   Released By:Taroko National Park Headquarters

Hikers are able to apply for permits to enter trails up to 30 days before the first date of intended entry. Note that this regulation differs from that of Yushan and Shei-Pa National Parks, which are from the last date of intended entry.

The application window differs by route: 

7-45 days before entry:

  • Nenggao Historic Trail (Tianchi Lodge)

7-30 days before entry:

  • Mt. Nanhu
  • Mt. Nanhu – Mt. Zhongyangjian (North Section 1)
  • North Section 2
  • Mt. Shuan – Mt. Lingming
  • Mt. Shuan (single day ascent)
  • North Section 1 to 2
  • Mt. Bilu – Mt. Yangtou
  • Mt. Qilai Main/North Peak
  • Mt. Qilai Range
  • Mt. Qilai South Peak
  • Qilai East Ridge
  • Mt. Qingshui
  • Other (non-traditional) routes

3-30 days before entry:

  • Mt. Yangtou (single day ascent)
  • Mt. Bilu (single day ascent)

1-30 days before entry:

Zhuilu Old Road (up to 3 pm the working day before date of intended entry)

Please note that some routes have a quota on the number of hikers per day and so early applications are encouraged to guarantee entry. Please see "Why are there quotas for each trail?" for more information. Applicants can use the widget on the lower right section of the Online Applications for Taiwan National Park Permits homepage to calculate the dates of the application window given the intended hiking dates: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/index.aspx

Please also note that the Nenggao Historic Trail is outside the premises of Taroko National Park, and all applications for Tianchi Lodge are handled by the National Forestry Bureau (application in Chinese only). You will, however, need to apply a Park Entry Permit if you intend to summit Mt. Qilai South Peak. Please see "Are permits needed for Qilai South Peak and Mt. Nanhua?" for more information.