Leader exchange

Modifiers Date:2019-11-28   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters
Only the substitution of group leader will be allowed. It’s not permitted to replace other members. Groups consist of one person cannot make any substitution but cancellation.

The “Leader exchange” should be submitted 7 days before the admission date. ex: Admission Date is 2/25, please submit before 2/18 (inclusive). The exchange reason should be filled in and should be applied only one time. Please apply by the applicant or the leader.

The leader should be at least 20 years old.

If the group has only one person, please cancel it yourself and cannot change the leader.

After the leader replacement, if all member in the team canceled for any reason but the leader, the department will refund the case.

For the foreigner’s reserve group: The leader’s nationality【Foreign country】can only replace by 【Foreign country】, 【Taiwan】can only replace by【Taiwan】. Other group has no restrictions.