How do foreign visitors apply for quoted spaces at Paiyun Lodge when hiking the Yushan Main Peak Route?

Modifiers Date:2023-01-07   Released By:Yushan National Park Headquarters


Rules for the Paiyun Lodge Advanced Application Reserved for Foreign Visitors

To assist foreign visitors in confirming traveling details more timely when hiking the Yushan Main Peak Route, 24 spaces are reserved at Paiyun Lodge on non-weekend days (Sunday – Thursday) for foreign visitors.

1. Application Dates: 35 days – 4 months before the entry date

2. Foreign Advanced Application Links and Eligible Route: Yushan Main Peak 2-day Route only

English: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/index.aspx

Online Application >> Apply for Park Permit

>> Paiyun Lodge Advanced Application

Japanese: https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/jp/index.aspx

入園の申請 >> オンライン入園申請

>> 排雲山荘の先行申請

If you choose the “Standard Application/一般申請” your application will not be included in the waiting list of the spaces reserved exclusively for foreign visitors.

3. Amount for the Foreign Advanced Application: 24 permits per day from Sunday to Thursday
  (1)Not available for national holidays, such as Dragon boat festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year, et
  (2)Taiwanese in foreign teams are subject to a 10:2 ratio limitation:
       I. Teams with 5 foreign visitors or under are allowed to have 1 Taiwanese in the team.
      II. Teams with 6 foreign visitors or above are allowed to have 2 Taiwanese in the team.
     III. Maximum 4 spaces could be reserved for Taiwanese in foreign teams.
  (3)It’s obligatory to upload the copies of passports/ARC of foreign applicants when submitting application, otherwise the reservations will not be granted. The passport/ARC number need to the same as the one used for application.
  (4)Applications will be processed in chronological order. If these 24 spaces are taken, the rest will join the lottery as standard applicants.
  (5)In cases where applicants cannot attend the hike, only the group leader could be substituted. If the original leader is a foreigner, the new leader must be a foreigner as well; vice versa.
  (6)To make sure every applicant has equal opportunity, only one advanced application out of multiple submissions will be approved each year. The rest will join the lottery.

4. It’s required to provide local emergency contact phone number in case of emergency such as typhoon or accident. You could provide the number of the hotel you plan to stay via our mailbox.
https://npm.cpami.gov.tw/en/mail_2.aspx(Yushan National Park)

5. Fees and Payment for Foreign Advance Application
  (1)Lodging fee for Paiyun Lodge can be paid in the following ways:
       I.  Cash (NTD): Pay cash at Park Entry Service Office at YSNP Headquarters or at Paiyun Mountaineering Center in Tataka if no members possess a Taiwanese bank account. (Notification through Park Entry Mailbox required)
      II. Bank transfer From a Taiwanese bank account: Transfer the amount (in NTD) at a bank, or through ATM, internet banking, mobile banking, etc.
     III. Postal Money Order
  (2)To request for a refund of the prepaid lodging fee, please download, complete, and deliver the《申請退還排雲山莊預繳使用規費申請書(含委託書)》according to the provided instructions.
  (3)Unless eligible for refund under the reasons listed in section 3 of the Refund Application Regulations (退還「排雲山莊預繳使用規費」申請說明), refund will not be granted.